Probably the most beautiful candles in the world… the paint in the glasswork contains precious metals, so that explains the price.

We only work with mouth-blown glass from Europe, so no two pots are exactly the same. Both the thickness and the color will always differ slightly, which makes them so attractive. We work with wooden wicks which individually consist of two layers, so you always have a beautiful crackling candle fire.

Europa fragrance

Top notes: Lemon Lime, Raspberry, juicy plum, pomegranate
Heart notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Clove and spice
Base notes: Sweet Musk, Amber, Bourbon Vanilla, Patchouly and leather with accents of incense and myrrh
Dimensions N/A

Medium 11*13cm, Large 14*16cm


Copper, Gold, Platinum


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