The pot of the OSCAR rabbit collection is made of fiber clay, an extra reinforced concrete. In this way a very beautiful and strong design is created, which we cover with very beautiful rabbit fur (from rabbits for slaughter, no animal dies to make a candle, we only give the fur a second life). You can choose from the light gray pot or the anthracite gray pot. The light gray pot has an ivory-colored wax with a very rich scent, the washed black pot has a black coloured wax. We work with wooden blades which individually consist of two layers, so you always have a beautiful crackling candle fire. The colour of the rabbit skins is a mix of Haze and grey. If you want a specific color you can include that in the comments.

Our famous EUROPA home fragrance
Top notes: Lemon Lime, Raspberry, juicy plum, pomegranate
Heart notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Clove and spice
Base notes: Sweet Musk, Amber, Bourbon Vanilla, Patchouly and leather with accents of incense and myrrh

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